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Two proven methods to eliminate over night wakings and make bedtime a breeze.




Step by step instructions on bedtime routines, mainstreaming nap schedules and more. 



Gain the skills and confidence to tackle regressions, illness, schedule changes and travel. 


You’re just a few steps away from a happier and happier and well rested life for your and your baby. 

From Molly:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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We keep him on a schedule that Molly gave us (it works!) We used to get up at least 5 times in the night to put him back to sleep and feeding him a bottle. Molly has changed our lives. I don’t dread bedtime anymore we get a solid and good night sleep.

- Rose, mom to a 6 month old

”Where do I begin? Having you enter our lives was life changing. I feel like a new person because of you! You gave us all of the tools we needed to get our son on a consistent sleep routine. You were with us step by step and I feel so much more confident now when it comes to nap time and bedtime routines. So grateful we found you and were able to work together. My husband and I now have free time together that we didn’t have at all before thanks to you! Absolutely would recommend you to anyone struggling with sleep.


-Cara, mom to a 12 month old

”I got in touch with Molly because my 6 month old was waking up 3-6 times a night and I was exhausted! She gave me the tips and tools I needed to get him sleeping again and was totally focused on doing what was best for me and my baby. I’ve worked with a sleep consultant in the past with my first child but Molly’s approach was so different in the best way possible. She never told me what to do, she asked if certain things might work for me and built a plan based on that. Love that she gave options and was so supportive! My little one has been sleeping 12-13 hours straight since I started working with MMT! MMT is the best, highly recommend!


-Whitney, mom to a 6 month old

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Get access to top-rated baby sleep course.